The best multi channel eCommerce platform: Shopify

//The best multi channel eCommerce platform: Shopify

The best multi channel eCommerce platform: Shopify

Are you selling your products only in one place like your eCommerce site or a social media network? You should know that although this approach looks easier and simpler, you are losing many potential customers if you stick to this method. There’s no reason to be afraid of expansion and growth when there are so many software solutions out there that can ease your work. One of these software solutions is Shopify which many people consider to be the best multi channel eCommerce platform.

One thing is for sure, Shopify is the most used eCommerce platform in the world. But, what does this mean for multi channel eCommerce users? Is it equally good for this type of users?

If we analyze the offer, we will notice that Shopify has some incredible multi channel features for both small and big businesses. This is actually one of the main selling points of this option because it lets businesses grow gradually by allowing them to sell their products and/or services on multiple channels. In fact, more than 6 out of 10 online stores powered by Shopify sell on at least two channels.

This eCommerce platform promises smooth integration with online marketplaces like Amazon and social media platforms like Facebook. This integration is simple and you don’t need professional help to finish it. It only takes an addition of a Sales Channel to the store and a couple of clicks to get the job done. There are instant synchronization and automation of the process.

As for social media, Shopify is an excellent solution for the majority of shopping carts. There’s a Buy Button which can be added to the products on your WP-powered website. We should also mention the Point of Sale aspect of this solution. There’s an application created by Shopify which lets users process transactions in a safe way on their Android and Apple smart devices. As expected, you can process different types of payments, but what’s even more important is that you can add discounts, change the text and send emails after successfully finished transactions.

On top of that, Shopify is gathering data and lets business owners analyze the performance of every sales channel that’s involved in the process. You will get precise information related to many indicators that have a direct impact on your business. With seamless integration with the most used sales channels and automated maintenance as well as with the customization options, Shopify is a multi channel eCommerce platform that you must take into account.